Dial in your deck so that your ideal prospects just "get it" and want to take the 2nd meeting.

Higher first meeting conversion rates

Better quality deals in the pipeline

More confidence in repeatability

Does It Feel Like You Are Wasting First Meetings?

Disengaged Prospects

  • Are prospects confused?

  • Do they wish you would get to the demo?

  • Do prospects not "get it"?

Frustrated Sellers

  • Do they feel it is awkward to deliver the deck?

  • Do they skip important slides?

  • Do they use their own deck?

Slow Growth

  • Are you concerned about first meeting execution?

  • Are you struggling to describe what you do?

  • Is it hard to differentiate?

A Great First Meeting Deck Will...

Give Clarity to Prospects

  • Prospects are clear on what you do for them

  • Focused on problems you solve

  • Prospect is the hero of the narrative structure

  • Higher quality conversations

  • Prospects know how you are different and why it matters to them

Make Sellers More Effective

  • They have a deck they actually want to use

  • Have clarity on the problem to solve in each deal

  • Better qualified deals

  • Confident in using the deck to drive a value-based conversation

  • Healthy pipelines

Help Grow Sales, Faster

  • Improve first meeting conversion rates

  • Higher quality deals

  • Faster path to repeatability

  • Greater capacity in the sales team

  • Assets to train future team members and reduce their ramp time

My clients are go-to-market leaders and teams at cybersecurity companies backed by top venture investors such as Cyberstarts, Kleiner Perkins, TenEleven Ventures, Upfront Ventures, ClearSky, Bessemer and ICONIQ

"Working with Andrew we realized we were missing an opportunity to run more effective prospect meetings."VP Sales at SSE/ZTNA company

"An extraordinary way of crafting communication so that it is received in the proper manner, thus increasing the effectiveness tenfold"SVP of Sales at firewall company

"Working with Andrew we improved our effectiveness in early-stage meetings and this built confidence in our sales process"VP Enterprise Sales at secure collaboration

Don't Make These 10 Mistakes

Too often prospects are confused, bored, distracted, or multitasking during a first meeting. There isn't any engaging conversation and afterward, we tell ourselves that “they didn’t get it".Having worked on dozens of first meeting decks there are 10 common mistakes I see that need to be avoided for the deck to engage them and be effective.

3 Steps To Better First Meeting Conversions

Choose the package that is best for you and sign the MNDA

Send over the assets that I need to deliver the service you want.

Take my recommendations, make the adjustments and roll out to your team.



Ideal if you just want some recommendations to improve your current deckUnder NDA, I'll review your current deckYou will get a 30-minute recorded video with specific recommendations you can implement immediatelyTurn around time - 3 business days$697


Week-long engagement to provide in-depth recommendationsUnder your NDA, I'll review your current deckI will listen to recordings of you and your team delivering the deck.We will have a kick-off call to go over your deck.We will have a 60 min output call that will provide in-depth recommendations for flow, content, delivery, and impact.You will also get an executive summary with the recommendations.Completed in a week$3,997